Lauren pasas:

Lauren Pasas’ journey to healing began In August of 2013 when she decided to travel indefinitely to Central America. Without a plan or specific destination in sight, her desire to see life through a wider lens was enough to let go of all that she possessed physically and emotionally. Almost 2 years and 6 countries later she arrived back home to San Diego and enrolled into her first yoga teacher training right away.

It did not take long for Lauren to fall completely into a devoted practice. Curiosity and personal transformation inspired her to dive deeper into the therapeutic approach to this daily ritual. The impact of this change within herself created a longing to help others find their own way.  In 2016 she began her studies at Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy where a career to empower others became possible.

Teaching was Lauren’s way to connect with her own voice, expressing her passion for healing through yoga. Craving the discipline of Yoga and seeking further knowledge, she immersed herself in India. After a month of consistent practice and intense study it was very apparent her life would never the be the same. She knew at that point, her path to guide others would unveil as long as she stayed committed to her work on the mat.

Lauren is now a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist developing her private practice in San Diego. Motivated through her own experience to use mindfulness, breath and yoga to obtain awareness of self, she effectively creates a container for authenticity and more meaning for her clients’ lives. This body-based therapeutic approach became her way into the world as a facilitator and guide into deep healing. 

Lauren also became fascinated with breathwork as a form of medicine for the body, mind and soul. Multiple teachings and further study led into facilitating her own breath work circles. From these experiences came the idea to develop a combination of yoga therapy and deep breathing together. Beginning with an embodiment process based around a yoga therapy approach, she would then guide students into the breath work with a more heightened awareness and connection to the body and present moment.

It soon became clear that these two go hand-in-hand, and so she created her own modality called “Embodied Breathwork” where she now travels to corporate events to share this enriching experience to people both with and without an existing yoga practice or understanding. 

Lauren understands more than most the journey that is involved in overcoming past anguish and rediscovering the self. She aims to provide the safe space needed for others to make their own changes for the better. Her passion comes from an honest desire to help others heal and free themselves from past trauma, one breath at a time



  • 200hr E-RYT certified in Vinyasa


  • 300hr RYT certified in Ashtanga, Pranayama & Myofascial Release


  • 600hr Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist


  • Reiki Certified



Message from Lauren:

"As a student and teacher of yoga I have become aware of just how much our bodies are talking to us, and we need to be truly listening. I have been able to shift and strengthen my own life through various healing modalities such as mindfulness, embodied movement and meditation. Now, I want to share with others how they can create effective change in their life by tuning in to the present moment.

While studying to be a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist I learned the true value of rediscovering a relationship with the body, a self-empowering knowledge that has given me a vital sense of purpose and passion for my journey as a healer. I now specialize in many styles of yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound healing, yoga nidra, reiki energy healing and yoga therapy.

It is my intention to create a safe space for you to explore your inner world. I will help you break away from whatever is holding you back from being the best version of yourself. I offer personalized programs to help improve your awareness, personal practice and way of life. With compassion and understanding my therapeutic approach can help alleviate the obstacles we face in our day-to-day life."

-Lauren Pasas