Private sessions are tailored to the individual...

Services may include:

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Phoenix rising Yoga Therapy

Do you feel stuck in this place of not knowing? Do you feel disconnected from your body but know it is trying to catch your attention? Are you ready to address what is happening NOW in your life? Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a chance for you to be present with the body and to deepen your awareness. Explore sensations, mindfulness and the edge that just needs support for you to move past it.

Through embodied movement, assisted postures and dialogue, each session is organic and client-directed. As the practitioner, it is my part to create that safe container for you to just be with the body. Feel empowered to become open and ready for change in your life!


ASANA (guided postures)

Everyone is on their own journey! Our busy schedules with work and family can make it difficult to get to a studio. What if you made your own schedule and never had to leave your home? Allow me to personalize your practice depending on your day and lifestyle. I can teach you a variety of styles of yoga that will benefit you and your body.



Feel the power of your own medicine — YOUR BREATH! I offer 1 hour sessions involving deep breathing techniques to bring healing to the body.

Meditation & Yoga Nidra:

Meditation and Yoga Nidra are tools to help alleviate stress and slow down the nervous system.  If meditation is something you have been wanting in your life, but you just don’t know where to begin, I can help guide you into your own personalized experience. Whether you need one-on-one sessions or group facilitations, I can accommodate you.


Reiki Energy Healing:

Allow energy to move through you as universal intelligence and life force. Reiki has a way of moving stuck energy and promote healing from within.

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To enquire about booking your one-on-one session, or for more information on any of the services offered, please don't hesitate to contact Lauren